Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Poppy Cat. All words and opinions are mine (and Alice’s.) 

Is your preschooler a little scared about the whole Halloween thing? The holiday can be a little intimidating for mild and cautious kids, especially when ghoulish decorations and music seem to be lurking around every corner.

My three-year-old Alice is constantly pointing out to me what is “scary Halloween stuff” and what is “spooky” and what is “not-so-scary fun.” Pumpkin carving? Hay rides? Picking out a spiffy new costume? Trick or treating? Those are activities that this little Halloween girl can get behind.

Her favorite aspect of Halloween is her preschool’s annual carnival. Kids visit various stations with games and prizes, staffed by teachers and parents. Alice and I just previewed Saturday’s upcoming new Poppy Cat episode, and she was delighted to discover that the Poppy Cat animals attend a Halloween carnival of sorts, too! The sweet critters also hit home the message that Halloween is a whole lot of fun, not-so-scary and a celebration that kids do not want to miss.


This Saturday October 25, Poppy Cat is releasing the new Halloween episode, created especially for preschoolers to get them excited for the season. The Halloween special kicks off a mini-marathon of the second season of Poppy Cat on Sprout. Set your DVRs to Sprout for 1-3pm on Saturday for a preschooler Poppy Cat binge watch. The show will air thereafter at 7pm, seven days a week. The series also airs Saturday mornings on the NBC Kids block, which is programmed by Sprout.

You can watch a cute clip of the Halloween episode here.

Learn more about this adorable show and play games with your kids on the Poppy Cat website, and follow Poppy Cat on Facebook and Twitter.

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