CVS Minute Clinic Flu Shot Collage

There was no line.

No appointment needed.

No wait.

No pain.

No cost.

No reaction.

No worries!

My flu shot at my local Minute Clinic, located inside CVS, was pretty darn perfect.

As active members of our community, it is essential that we ourselves, and every single member of our families, receive a flu shot season. A flu shot is the best way to protect us from the flu, which sends more than 200,000 people to the hospital each year and can be fatal. Learn more about the seriousness of the flu virus at

I loved simply popping into my local CVS for a quick dose of wellness amongst my errands. You do not need to make an appointment!

Every single member of your family can receive their flu vaccination at CVS Minute Clinics! They have the correct flu shots for seniors, adults and children age 18 months and older. Yes, kids too! Because Minute Clinics are staffed by licensed clinicians, your kids will receive the same flu shot experience that they would at the pediatrician’s office.

When you arrive at the Minute Clinic, you first sign in at the electronic kiosk. I found the process quick and intuitive – much easier than the kiosks at airport or train stations. Then I reviewed the flu vaccine information and after a 5 minute wait, Alice and I were welcomed into an examination room by a warm clinical nurse practitioner (CNP).

After a brisk review of my information, I received a shot from a very small needle which caused no muscle soreness later in the day and no pain upon admission. Alice was very impressed.

The CNP sent a record of my flu shot to my primary care physician, so I did not have to transfer any records (who has time?) The flu shot is covered by almost all health insurance plans, so there was no fee or co-pay. However, you can purchase your flu shot if needed.

It was my easiest flu shot experience to date. I have withstood lengthy waits at doctors’ offices, public flu clinics and grocery stores. The Minute Clinic was by far the most efficient experience!

Find a Minute Clinic near you and get your family flu shots ASAP!

This post was sponsored by Minute Clinic but all experiences and opinions are mine.

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