GoldieBlox invites girls to be engineers in their world

The pink aisle in the toy section. If you are a parent of a girl, you know it well. And while these toys are attractive to our daughters, I do not think we are under any illusions that those dolls and tiaras are teaching much about technology, building or mathematical concepts.

That is why the GoldieBlox line of building toys, crafted especially to interest and engage young girls, is pretty revolutionary.

The GoldieBlox mission is to assist girls in engineering and technology after the age of eight, the time that educators have noted many girls lose interest in math and science. GoldieBlox discovered that girls are often more interested in storytelling with their toys and characters — skills that strengthen verbal skills. Therefore GoldieBlox construction kits ingeniously leverage girls’ inherent storytelling love by combining the story with building simple machines. Girls gain self-confidence as young engineers and enhance their spatial skills.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a princess, we just think girls can build their own castles, too.” — Debbie Sterling, Founder, GoldieBlox

I notice this distinction between girls and boys’ play in my own household. While Charlie will spend all day building with LEGO and configuring landscapes and vehicles for his Minifigures, Eve and Alice spend their playtime making the Minifigures talk to each other, creating situations and celebrations for the imaginary people that transcend the blocks. They are also big fans of all the animal, princess, pony, fairy, girly “action figures” and the like in our house. I love the stories my girls spin together, but I have worried that they have not utilized those grey, black and primary colored blocks that dominate our playroom.

But from the moment our GoldieBlox review kits arrived, the girls have been OBSESSED. They have literally played with, modified, and completely maxed out these building components EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And that is not an all-caps blogger hyperbole. They play with their GoldieBlox literally every day. Check it out.






Eve and Alice (and Charlie too – he gets his hands on it every evening when the girls have their bath!) are in love with the GoldieBlox Parade Float and GoldieBlox Dunk Tank building kits.



They have fun following the easy, hilarious, engaging directions in the accompanying books to create 12 distinct design ideas. But they also are totally enjoy modifying the directions, finding new ways to build simple machines and combining the interchangeable, inter-compatible connecting parts from both kits to make entirely new “craftstructions.”

This intercompatiblity makes me incredibly giddy as I think about Christmas shopping because I learned that more, new GoldieBlox kits are coming out for the holidays! (Once I have more info on those, I’ll write about them here.)

I cannot adequately stress how amazing are these GoldieBlox toys for my girls. They are a gateway to a world that they had not yet explored, and that they have found exciting and accessible: the world of engineering.

Would you like to win BOTH of these GoldieBlox kits for your children?

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