After shrieking like a crazed Beatles fan on Twitter and Facebook today, I figured I’d do it here at the main place I make a geek out of myself:

I’m going to be a guest on the NBC 4‘s 5pm broadcast tomorrow!

I’m appearing to talk about free, family-friendly local activities to share with your kids. I’ll be on the air live in the second half of the broadcast.

This opportunity is thanks to the incredibly supportive editorial staff of The Washington Post‘s Weekend Section that recommended me for the gig.

And hey, they even let me sneak in another piece in this weekend’s Post about the awesome new projector and re-vamped free programs of the Rock Creek Planetarium:

At D.C. Planetarium, See Stars in a New Light

I’ll be rambling about the planetarium and more tomorrow. After all your amazing community support and tips and advice from the very beginning of APISS, I hope I don’t let you down!

Dude, what the heck am I going to wear?

Photo by Susan Biddle for The Washington Post