Respect the Mama at Work

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Today at the post office my children were acting up – messing with the automatic doors, fighting, climbing on things, running around. After a few mild-mannered efforts to get them to calm down were of no avail, I pulled Charlie and Eve into line with me and spoke to them sternly about how I expected them to behave.

To this, a woman nearby told them, “Don’t worry kids, you are acting good.” And then she turned to me and said, “You know, they are really good kids, give them a break.”

Oh. no. she. didn’t.

So I took a deep breath, channeled the Queen of Soul and replied, “I know that you are trying to be nice. However, I recommend that you do not disrespect and undermine the authority of a mother while she is trying to instruct her children. Thank you.”

As the kids and I walked up to the counter, Eve whispered to Charlie, “What did Mama say to that lady?”

Charlie replied, “I think Mama gave the lady a time out.”

Sock it to me.

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