By publicly complaining on Twitter about my problems and questions with Echo, I received excellent, personal customer service from JS-Kit executives Chris Saad, Khris Loux and Philippe Cailloux.

I learned that there was nothing wrong with my Echo transition from Haloscan.  Echo just doesn’t store all the same data on their dashboard as Haloscan.

  • Echo Live does not store text from comments on the dashboard, only on your site beneath your posts.

  • Echo Live does not give blog owners the email addresses of their commenters due to privacy.  Instead of authenticating comments by adding your email address, like on Haloscan previously, users authenticate their comment by logging in via Twitter, Facebook and other authentication options. 

So now I’m unable to simply say “Leave a comment and I’ll draw a winner” and then email the winner, since I won’t have your email address.  If I’d like to handle giveaways through comments, I can reply directly to your comment and hope that you’ll receive, depending on if you’ve opted to receive emails regarding replies to your comment.

I didn’t know that less information would be available to me after paying for a formerly free service.  Maybe in time the pros of this new software will outweigh the cons.  We’ll see.  Let me know how you like the new commenting system in the comments or via email, and I’ll let you know in time whether I’m liking it too. 


This post was formerly titled “JS-Kit Echo Sucks So Far”
How’s that for a ranty, SEO-friendly, crazy ignorant blogger title?

Here’s the reason for the new system for commenting on posts, and why all giveaway entries are now being handled with the email address

I used to have all my comments for A Parent in Silver Spring and A Parent in Silver Spring Reviews handled by the free commenting software Haloscan.  When I would log onto to Haloscan, I would have access to the email addresses of commenters and comment entries for giveaways.

I initially installed Haloscan because Blogger does not do trackbacks and would only allow comments from those logged into Blogger.  I wanted to be able to both send and monitor trackbacks and allow comments from everyone while keeping this website on lovely, free, Google-owned Blogger.   Over time I came to really prefer Haloscan’s commenting system over the commenting system provided on Blogger and was very glad I had installed Haloscan.

On December 14 I logged on to Haloscan to access the email addresses of commenters and draw winners’ names for giveaways.  Upon arriving at Haloscan I was informed that JS-Kit had acquired Haloscan, and I could either download all comments, or pay $9.95 for all my data to be converted to Echo and receive uninterrupted service. 

JS-Kit and Echo have received favorable coverage in the media and I knew that companies like Discovery were using this commenting software.  I wasn’t aware that JS-Kit had acquired Haloscan, but then keeping up with tech news isn’t my top priority.  I quickly caught up on Tech Crunch and then blithely plopped down my credit card info, logged onto Echo and went to my new Dashboard to access your comments and email addresses.
Your comments weren’t there.  None of the old trackback or comment data from my websites’ Haloscan account were there.  And it’s still not there.  I should have downloaded the data and terminated the relationship.  But I didn’t. I took them at their word that my service would be uninterrupted.  They did not say the data would be lost or delayed.
I cannot get a response from Support, Customer Service, have not had any of public forum questions answered.  From the Twitter stream and web searches I’ve done, I’m not the only one that is disappointed.

I do not know if I upgrade to either the White Label or Echo Pro  if I will have access to them.  Or if I will receive a response and better customer service.  I know $9.95 is a pittance, and I’m happy to spend more money on this site if it gives you guys a better experience.  But not for suckage.

Maybe it’s just taking JS-Kit awhile to convert all the Haloscan info over.   And while I await a response from the JS-Kit support team, I am not touching anything in my websites’ code. 

However, I was led to believe from language I read on the former Haloscan website and in a generic email from JS-Kit that by paying for the formerly free service, that all would carry on as before…and better.  And it has not.

I hate going ranty.  It’s just so bloggy.  I’m an online writer.  A freelance writer.  I just happen to have this resource blog too, right?

(Insert cricket chirps.)

Well, today I am owning my mommybloggyness.  I’m going very bloggy ranty low-techy ignoranty.  Pretty soon I’ll start talking about health care reform.

But it’s all to explain to you why things look different around here and to warn you other Haloscan users that have not yet been selected to transition to Echo.

Now I’m off to go find some Precious Moments clip art to paste in my margins, tickers to display my children’s ages and a plug-in that will play Taylor Swift when you arrive at my page!  LOL. (And that’s the first time I’ve ever used that acronym.  Ever.)


The JS-Kit executives on Twitter have been very concerned about my problem.  Thus I am now one of those public complainers on Twitter. Yay me, I’m now one of those annoying squeaky wheels.

The fabulous Andrea just sent me this new design element for my site.  It goes perfectly with my mommybloggy rant and I <3 it!