Yes, I’m knocked up.

With child.

Up the duff.

In the family way.

Cooking a bun.






And due in early May.

An alternative title for this post could be “I Come Out as Pregnant With a Little Help from My Friends.”

T-shirt by Kristen of BabyBrewing, the coolest and comfiest maternity tees ever (and cute onesies, dad tees and Mommy Needs apparel, too).

Photo by Jean of Stimeyland and AutMont.

Support from my fellow editors and members of the ParentsConnect Pregnancy and Due Date boards.

Cheers and love from my blogging sisters of The DC Moms.

Future bedside table reading by Erin of The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby.

Pregnancy anthem by Garfunkel and Oates.

Nightmares by Ridley Scott.

Laughs from Scary Mommy on TheStir.

Obsession sessions with my sister Sarah, Susan, Kathryn, Jodi and many other dear IRL friends and family.

Excitement and joy from big brother Charlie and big sister Eve.

DNA, inexhaustible patience and eternal love from my husband Chris.

Warning: The next 6 months may include a good deal of pregnancy musings and expectant mama and baby resource posts, as I again enter the world of prenatal yoga, car seat safety analysis, belly panel dressing, birth plans and the like. It’s been five years since I’ve done this and A LOT has changed.

Who else is expecting and adopting? Because I hope you can use those upcoming posts too!

Pictured here: Critiquing the early, very un-Angelina belly.