How to Find a Moms Group

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Today my latest Mom of  a Million Mistakes weekly column is up over on Wheaton Patch, and this week I’m remembering how disgustingly awkward I was at meeting fellow moms as a first-timer back in 2003 when my oldest was born:

Find a Moms Group, Find Your Tribe

I’ve also listed some fabulous moms’ groups and parenting groups that do a wonderful job at helping parents connect, including Mocha Moms, MOMS (Mothers Offering Mothers Support), Montgomery County Parents of Multiples and My Asian Kid, which is a great resource and community for parents who have adopted their children from Asia, started by fellow local parent Priscilla Holberton.

Because until I found my beloved MOMS group back when Charlie was a baby, this is how many of my impromptu exchanges with other moms I met seemed to go down:

This hilarious video was found thanks to Amanda of Parenting by Dummies, and be sure to watch Amanda tonight—she’s the star of TLC’s What Not to Wear this evening. Amanda’s already a very hot mama of three, but tonight she will apparently be transformed from that cute young mom in jeans who always looks casually great into HOLY FASHIONISTA BATMAN. I can’t wait! It airs tonight at 9pm and Amanda’s also hosting a Twitter party during the episode hosted by Totsy and Priyanka Sodhi Jewelry—RSVP here if you wanna win some loot while you watch. Amanda’s Twitter handle is @thenagainphoto.