Yes, I just had a baby. But I sure don’t want to look it! I’m trying to reclaim my former style after months of maternity wear. And now that I’ve had my postpartum checkup at the OB, you know what that means…I’m cleared to exercise (to whatever else did you think I was referring?). However, the bod (or whatever proximity is possible) won’t be coming back overnight. Here are the products and services that are helping me fake it in the meantime .

Barely There No Slip Fit Underwire $17 Most of the time I wear a nursing bra for my and Alice’s ease, but when I really have to “bring it” in the body department these days, I’ve been loving this Barely There bra. It comes in shades to match various skin tones, doesn’t show through clothes, has a smooth strapless look across the back, and totally lifts and very naturally supports the boobs. This bra helps me fake twenty-something breasts, even as they are heavily doing milk truck mama duty. 

Miraclesuit Extra-Firm Control High Waist Brief Panty $25-29 We’re in the middle of hot and humid DC summer, so I’m not bringing out the girdle unless absolutely necessary. If you run into me around town, I’ll be rocking the cotton panties and Jello jigglering all over the place. But on summer wedding dancefloors, girls’ nights out and public speaking gigs, I’d really rather not have my postpartum parts doing a mambo while the rest of me is stationary. This one is affordable, is easy to maneuver for pee breaks and racks up the  “You just had a baby?” compliments.

New Surfer Girl Hottie Haircut and Highlights by Jillian Behram at Headlines Hair Designers Silver Spring $80 for cut, $150 for full highlight, $85 for partial I’m a sucky surfer. My best moves at the beach are finding shells, photographing my kids in the surf and getting a tan while reading a novel. But Jillian hooked me up with a post-baby collar-length layered cut that has this dedicated longlonglong haired girl loving it and looking younger. Just call me Blue Crush (but again, the closest I’ll be getting to the real blue crush is a raspberry Slurpee). And now that I’ve invested in my hair, I’m actually protecting the color like mad with hats and swim caps when I do laps, which screams suburbs, not surfer. (I’ll post a photo later – I just checked my camera and all pics are of my baby and family – none of me! Will have someone take one soon.) Thanks again to Jillian at Headlines, the best hair stylist and colorist I’ve EVER had – and I’ve had TONS!!!

Aveda Skin Brightening Treatment Line $40ish per item, lasts several months My skin is starting to look its age, and even under gobs of sunscreen, every time I return from the kids’ swim practices I see more spots, freckles and fine lines. That’s why I’m loving this brightening line to even out my color, lighten the pregnancy melasma and correct sun damage while not clogging my still pimple-prone skin. This was recommended to me from a facialist at Aveda Bethesda. I bought the toner, cleanser and correcting serum in early April and I still have not finished the products at the end of June. And my skin looks LOTS better.

Madden Girl Flat Strappy Sandals $25-45 I love the flat strappy sandal look. The between the toe thongs. The gladiators. The cool zippers up the back of the heel. But I don’t want to look like I’ve got thunder calves and fatankles. Because even on my slimmest day, I’m rocking Mary Lou (as in Retton) calves. The Madden Girl line is the best I’ve found for looking cute and current and as un-chunky as possible. And the prices are great for leather! They run big, so if you’re between sizes go smaller.

Pishposh Mommy Diaper Bag Insert $44.99 I’m not using a diaper bag with this baby. I’m just OVER carrying around a giraffe-printed plastic mondo tote. I’m simply using my favorite huge purses and dropping the Quick Zip Carryall in for the diapers, wipes, cream and such. It’s also a great way to separate Alice’s Desitin from my lip gloss and makes for easier finding of my phone and keys.


Disclosure: I received the bra to review from Barely There through Mom Bloggers Club and liked it so much I bought a couple more. All other items and services were 100% purchased by me. In some cases, Amazon affiliate links are used. I learned about Miraclesuit from attending Getting Gorgeous 2010 at BlogHer, and Pishposh from Getting Gorgeous 2011 NYC via Jodifur’s recommendation (she attended while I had to bail due to baby).