The A Parent in Silver Spring crew and I are currently at the beach on a much-anticipated “get away from it all” vacation.

However, I did pop in at TLC’s Parentables where I am a contributor to write about those real-life horrors that can befall a family when away from home in summer. Please check it out!

10 Family Summer Vacation Horrors

While the rest of the nation is shivering in fear thanks to Shark Week, here are the real-life reasons why mothers are afraid to go near the water while on summer vacation.

1. The Pool Shut Down – On a packed, pefect summer Saturday, the lifeguard’s announcement of “There’s been a poop in the pool, please evacuate!” is thanks to your child’s swim diaper fail. And everyone knows it.

2. The Torturous Tunes – Your pool plays exactly two CDs – Steve Miller and Jimmy Buffett. And while summery and amusing the first few plays, pretty soon that space cowboy eating his cheeseburger in paradise is driving you to margaritaville.

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