I often worry that writing a blog means that I am a narcissist.

Hey, I obtain joy from self-publishing my own words. Here on my personal/resource blog, or over on my local/Washington, DC-area parenting resource blog, no editor has hired me for an assignment. I just decided to put it out there, obviously because I think some people out there will enjoy.

Who the hell do I think I am?

The type of posts I write are largely motivated by informing the reader.  This site is not an online diary of my life, but a place to share things and entertain others. Now, I do draw the line at instructing people or insinuating that I am an expert. Like many freelance writers, I have my own experience, knowledge of a small bit about various things, and what I do not know I research. My subjects are light, my posts are short.

Not everyone has a blog, but the majority of people I know do have a Facebook profile. Is Facebook use or frequency of check-ins symptoms of persons who think they are all that?

An April 2011 study in the peer-reviewed journal Personality and Individual Differences studied the relationship between increased incidents of narcissism and Facebook use. Although the study, which focused on college-aged adults, found that that self-centered people did not necessarily spend more time on Facebook, it provided insight into why narcissists use social networks.

“…having as many SNS [social networking site] friends as possible, wanting their SNS friends to know what they were doing, believing their SNS friends were interested in what they are doing, and having their SNS profiles project a positive image” were found to be the motivations of why overly self-centered persons log on, according to the study’s synapsis.

I’m so guilty.

Why else would I post a photo of my kid cracking up in music class, if I didn’t think my family and friends would be interested in checking out her cuteness? Is it wrong to post humorous or positive updates about my family and self?

My point: I hope that concerns about narcissism and online activity are healthy, and not indications of even more inflated think-I’m-all-hot-itis.

At any rate, I believe I am motivated to blog because I find the process enjoyable, and the relationships I have made online and in real life are enriching. I passionately hope that anyone who arrives at this site finds the posts entertaining and worth the read.

Wait, did that sound codependent?