WIN FREE CARDS FOR A YEAR! – a $350 value, up to 100 cards! – from Treat: Greeting Cards That You Design, Your Loved Ones Adore

Shutterfly, the online photo site that allows you to share pics of the kids with the grandparents through prints, share sites, calendars and other creative ways, is now offering highly customized greeting cards through their new site Treat.

This massive giveaway has been extended through Mother’s Day, May 13.


You can choose from 4,500 completely customizable cards. Upload your own photos, customize the text, and create a card for your loved one better than anything at the Hallmark store at the mall. (And you don’t have to leave your desk! Or buy stamps! Or remember to walk to the mailbox and put the flag up!)

However, if you have a soft spot for your local Hallmark store, get this: Shutterfly developed Treat. through a partnership with Hallmark! Additionally, if you were already sending customized greeting cards through Tiny Prints Greetings, Treat. is run by those same people.

To celebrate their launch, Treat. is offering all of us one free card.  Go to the site, customize a card and use code FREETREAT to check it out. Your Mother’s Day card to your mom is Treat’s, er, treat!

I know my own mother (stop reading now Mom!) will love Mother’s Day cards this year featuring pictures of Charlie, Eve and Alice and our personal messages and the kids’ poetry, rather than a foil rose with Grandmother in script and an inscription that rhymes “miles” and “smiles.” And I can send my sister (stop reading Sarah!) a card personalized with her own beautiful daughter (my gorgeous niece),  or even one of the two of us as little girls! How cool will that be? A real photo of the two of us, rather than some cheeser black and white photo of two random kids.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, I am really looking forward to it. My ideal treat for Mother’s Day is a day of love, relaxation and no stress, and my family goes out of their way to oblige. I prefer not to plan anything or go anywhere that day beyond church in the morning and a Skype chat with my own mother, and just laze around with the four people I love best.

Last year Alice was just two weeks old, and I spent the gorgeous May Sunday counting my blessings and hugging my people. My baby had been born healthy and happy, my older children were in love with her and playing board games with me on the patio, my adoring and adorable husband was home, preparing awesome meals for us all and bringing me wine.

An exact reprise for this Mother’s Day 2012 would be my ultimate treat!

What is your ideal Mother’s Day treat? Leave a comment below describing your hoped-for treat this Mother’s Day, and one lucky A Parent in America reader will win a Treat VIP membership for one year! For an additional entry in the drawing, send a Tweet to @jessicaapiss with the hashtag #TreatMom.


A Treat VIP membership means you will receive FREE GREETING CARDS FOR A YEAR – UP TO 100 FREE CARDS and stamps/mailing!!! That’s a $350 value people!

The A Parent in America winner will be drawn on May 13, 2012 at midnight — the giveaway time has been extended.

Be sure to follow Treat. on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest for more deals and info.

Disclosure: I am a compensated Treat. partner. All opinions expressed are my very own.

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