(L-R) Sandie Angulo Chen — Urban Mama and Editor-in-Chief The DC Moms, Robin — The Not-Ever-Still Life, Thien-Kim Lam — I’m Not the Nanny and Editor From Left to Write, Jessica Smith — Smith & Moxie and Jessica Now, Monica Gallagher Sakala — Wired Momma and The Huffington Post.

If I could “treat” every mother I know and love for Mother’s Day, I would book sitters and spa appointments for you all, and then take us all out for a kids-free dinner at a fine restaurant that decidedly does not give out balloons.

And this Wednesday, just a few days before Mother’s Day, I got my wish. On behalf of Shutterfly’s Treat, I was happy to host a dinner for local mom bloggers! We left the kids with our husbands, met at Ricciuti’s in Olney and had a blissful women’s night out.

Over field green salads with pears, entrees like sea bass and lemongrass beef skewers, the famous chocolate and fruit pizza for dessert, and many glasses of wine, we all got the chance to learn about the fun and ease of designing our own personalized greeting cards. Our loved ones this Mother’s Day and for all holidays beyond will be receiving greeting cards featuring personalized text, family photos, modified newspaper and magazine headlines, even personalized funny captions to cartoons.

Adding to the festive, treat-y atmosphere were goodie bags from Treat full of stationery items such as pre-designed cards, high-end stationery and notepads. All recipients also received a VIP membership to Treat, equaling a year of free greeting cards (up to 100!) for their loved ones.

And one of you super readers wins this awesome opportunity too! The randomly-drawn winner from all entries in the Treat giveaway is Dawn Sandomeno of Party Bluprints Blog! Monica and Sandie, at left, are toasting your win.       

Since it was a social media mom event, there was a whole lot of Tweeting and Instagraming and Facebooking (can I truly use this as a verb now?) going on. We used the hashtag #TreatMom if you would like to check out our choice one-liners.

Somehow we all thought we became much funnier as the night went on. Well, at least I did. As pictured at left, I began doing my impression of Kristen Wiig doing Kathie Lee Gifford.

We all had a blast, and we learned a few things:

— Making our own personalized cards for our family and friends results in super-cute cards that will be remembered (such as Jessica Smith‘s birthday card for her husband in which his head is added to a ballet dancer’s body…her kindergartener approved.)

— Having Treat send our cards for us takes the card store schleps, mad stamp searches and post office visits out of our busy lives.

— The ability to schedule all our birthday and holiday cards for the year? GENIUS.

— I need to develop my own gags for when I make bloggy business presentations. An impression of an SNL impression is pretty seventh grade.

Disclosure: I am a compensated Treat blog partner. I received payment for my work, as well as product. I only accept review work for brands and products that I truly use in my and my family’s life.