I have been meaning to join the world of video blogging for a while now. Vlogs allow bloggers to truly show their personalities and creativity with their readers, and if done well their authentic mind-to-mouth posts should take less time than writing and editing a written blogs.

(Besides, I am a cat owner AND a parent, and so there is always the chance that I will catch my Siamese or children doing something adorable that will make us YouTube superstars.)

At the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration conference, I resolved to get my act together and give it a go. And luck smiled on me when I sat next to the gorgeous Julie Meyers Pron of Just Precious and Julieverse during Kimberley Blaine of The GoToMom.TV‘s luncheon keynote. I mentioned to Julie that I was soaking up all of vlogging expert Kimberley’s tips and breakout session knowledge because of my vlogging goals. I had no idea that Julie was the founder of #VlogMom — a group of parenting bloggers who take turns asking one question a week and then vlogging their answers.

Julie asked if I was interested in joining, tonight I set up the digital camera in the guest room while Chris put the kids to bed, and I answered the question of the week:

What is Your Biggest Character Flaw?

After I finished I self-consciously wondered if this was lame answer, but then I remembered the stressed out rants I have thrown and my surly voice in the morning after getting just two hours sleep. (However, I sure as heck am not going to tape those! Even an ambitious YouTube child and cat exploiter has her limits.)

You can watch more #VlogMom contributions on the VlogMom site, and you can also cruise around YouTube using the #VlogMom hashtag. I have a few other videos of me and my family on the A Parent in America YouTube channel, if you are really bored.

Which vloggers and YouTube yappers do you like to watch? Suggest others for us to watch in the comments!