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It is difficult to select just one moment with baby Alice as the most magical, because every minute I have spent with her has felt like a gift. We wanted another baby very much, but after four years of being open to another child and no dice, Chris and I began to think that maybe it would be just the four of us. And then last year Alice came into our lives and has filled Charlie, Eve, Chris and me with joy.

I know that all sounds so sappy and cheesy but it is 100 percent true. Even the baby stress and sleeplessness and balancing of three children felt much less intense than the pressure I felt after Charlie or Eve was born. Sure, I was more experienced this time, but I was also pretty darn grateful that we got to be parents again, and ecstatic that Alice was healthy and here.

Alice and her brother, sister, daddy and I have shared countless magical memories the last 13 months she has graced us with her quirky and charismatic personality. It is impossible to choose just one. So I guess I’ll go with our first moment together as mother and daughter…well, our first moment when we could actually see each other after fighting for comfortable sleeping positions together for the last nine months.

Now that pic documents a life-changing moment, but it sure doesn’t show Alice at her best. Thankfully, we have been capturing our gorgeous princess in thousands of photos since. And I know you fellow shutterbug parents have too! It’s impossible not to photograph these incredible, perfect people we have been entrusted to care for. They are fascinating and the camera loves them.

But don’t hide those baby pictures on your hard drive — it’s your duty to share the beauty!

Disney Baby invites you to submit a photo of your newborn to 24-month-old baby (born 9/2010 to 5/2012) to the contest. Go through your photo files and locate those Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy moments that capture your baby’s unique personality. Deadline is June 18.

As a baby mama myself, I had to submit pics of Alice. I uploaded them before I was selected for this sponsored post, actually. I heard about this contest when at the #DisneySMMoms Celebration and could not resist.

I had a few recent favorites of Alice that I had already cropped and uploaded to Facebook to show the grandparents, and so it took me literally just a few minutes to submit them to the Disney Baby contest. It was super fast. You are also free to add a cutesy Disney-esque caption to them.  Here were my submissions.

Little Cinderella lost her shoe

This Mouseketeer is the leader of our band!

Our little pixie

You can submit as many photos as you like! And if you get your baby’s pics in before June 18, your sweetie and you have a shot at winning $10,000 toward your baby’s education, a “crawl on” role for your baby in ABC Family’s new original comedy (called Baby Daddy, nice) a chance to have your baby’s model in a Disney Baby ad, plus much more! Check out the big list of prizes here.

I don’t think Alice/our family is now eligible since I’m participating in this sponsored post campaign, but it was so fun sending them in and seeing her little mug on the Disney Baby website. And I’m so excited that YOUR BABY can win — once you submit your baby’s pics leave a link below this post so I and other readers can vote for your cute kid.

This post was written as part of a compensated campaign for Disney Baby and Splash Creative Media. I truly participated in the Disney Baby Little Character contest before receiving this writing opportunity. All opinions (and babies) featured are my own.

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