I have been watching YouTube users’ “haul” videos of years, I find them fascinating. If you are not already aware, a “haul” vid is basically someone showing the camera the items she purchased at a store, talking about their quality, price, why she bought them. It is people-watching at its finest.

I rarely go to a shop and purchase enough items to be considered a haul (unless you count the grocery store, but can you imagine anything more boring? (“So, um, salmon was on sale and this is farm raised; we’re going to eat it over jasmine rice on Friday with a side of green beans.” Snore city!).

However, an upcoming nephew and a great Tuesday Morning baby section with $25 outfits for $3.99? That was a perfect storm to send me home with a packed bag. And that bag waiting to be mailed to the mama-to-be was just screaming for me to get all YouTube dorktastic. I got over 15 pieces for $42.96!

Where do YOU find the best deals for baby gifts?

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