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This past year my children, my husband and I fell in love with Just Dance and now we are incorporating the new Just Dance 4 as part of our Thanksgiving Day celebration!

Yes, not only am I going to stuff my nuclears, my in-laws, my aunt and uncle, my bro-in-law and pregnant sis-in-law and their three children full of turkey, cranberry sauce and of course, stuffing…

I’m going to make them shake their turkey tail feathers after!

Or maybe before would be kinder…let them work up an appetite.

I first experienced Just Dance at Resourceful Mom Amy‘s house (this is becoming a theme!) during Christmas vacation last year. I had never done it before, but after just one song with bloggy girlfriend (and Just Dance ringer!) Amanda of Parenting By Dummies, I was hooked.

The very next day I drove to Target and picked up Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Kids 2 for our Wii system. It was a super great investment in fun, as Charlie, Eve, Chris and I all had a blast throughout the year playing as a family. I even entered the Just Dance contest at the TypeA Conference with a bunch of blogging pals and with the children at the Digital Family Summit, where we danced to Charlie’s favorite track on Just Dance 3, Cee-Lo’s Forget You.

We were late allowers adopters of a video game console for our family. We chose Wii two years ago (thanks Mom!) because we had had so much fun playing it at my sister Sarah and brother-in-law Fred’s house with our kids. It really is a family game experience, not the zombie-eyes-glazed-over-screen-soul-suck thing that we dreaded for our children.

And the Just Dance franchise offers, in my opinion, the most fun, active family games available. They are so much fun for a group! And I often do the Just Sweat version solo as a from-home workout.

Just Dance 4 is fabulous for children and multi-age family groups, and they have really upped the Just Sweat capabilities in this latest version — I suspect since so many people were using Just Dance games as an enjoyable way to burn calories and tone. In addition to brand new workout sessions,  you can personalize your workout time and intensity, and count how many calories you burned. For me, it definitely beats the treadmill.

Eve and I first tried Just Dance 4 at a WiiUniversity event in downtown DC this summer. We cracked up dancing to the B-52’s Rock Lobster (Eve tends to like the dances with cartoony, humorous moves and graphics).

Charlie digs the Just Dance 4 songs that are current radio hits. Just Dance 4 has a great combo of songs, with something for every member of the family.

I can’t wait to see my family members that are coming over for Thanksgiving. They are in for some delicious eats (here’s my Pinterest board of the Thanksgiving dishes I’m making), as well as for getting Rick Rolled, Just Dance 4 style!

Get Just Dance 4 this holiday season — it’s a great gift! I enthusiastically recommend. 

Just Dance 4 – Wii

Just Dance 4 – WiiU

Just Dance 4 – Playstation 3

Just Dance 4 – XBox 360

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