If a skin care genie gave me three wishes, I would ask for:

  • Less clogged pores and breakouts
  • Hydrated, younger looking skin texture (especially around my eyes and neck)
  • Products with natural, non-toxic materials so I can feel assured that I am putting healthy products onto and into my body

Skincando has become that genie for me. The Skincando Miracle Cream and Eye Balm have completely changed my skin texture, drenching my skin in organic hydration without clogging one one pore. My skin looks dewy and younger, yet less zitty.

I love it.

I have waxed on about my love of this company before on A Parent in Silver Spring, as the founder is like me, based in the Washington, DC area. And I have hosted giveaways of the products here on A Parent in America. But after one straight year of use, I would like to shout it from the Internet rooftops that the Miracle Cream truly worked miracles on my face and neck, and though I have aged a year, the skin around my eyes has gone back in time thanks to the Eye Balm.

I am so ga-ga about Skincando that I purchased the creams for my sister and sisters-in-law for Christmas, and asked Skincando founder Sara Damelio to gift some samples to Montgomery County blogger attendees of a luncheon this winter (she crazily, generously gave them full sizes of product!). I guess you could call me a Skincando evangelist.

For my children, I adore Combat-Ready Kids and Combat-Ready Balm. The kids’ dryness, diaper areas, roughed knees and mild eczema have all improved through regular use of the products. I also love the Brew lip balm for my lips — it moisturizes and youthfully plumps them up, thanks to the inclusion of myrrh.

The products are not cheap, but they are not expensive ($12-$70 for the largest sizes). A little goes a long way and the jars last for a good while. The prices simply reflect the small batched, hand-crafted, 100% organic ingredients, which are completely non-toxic and free of petroleum byproducts and parabens.

Gosh, I love these products. Get thee to Skincando.

Skincando generously gave me my first samples for review last year, and I personally purchased all subsequent products. Skincando also provided goodie-bags for a blogger luncheon I hosted for local influencers. No compensation was received for that generous distribution of gifts or this glowing post. All opinions are my own.

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