Tonight at 9pm on my MomTV show learn incredible spring skincare tips and tricks from Trish McEvoy.

WIN a full size parfum, tinted moisturizer or mascara, all from Trish McEvoy!



Drugstore makeup is awesome, but when are department store, boutique-quality items worth the investment? And which specific products are really worth spending the extra ca$h? Find out tonight!

Real Life Style” with Jessica McFadden – The Trish McEvoy Show
Tonight WEDNESDAY April 17 9 – 9:30pm ET
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Jessica McFadden’s MomTV Channel is Real Life Style, where she shares ways in which mothers and families can easily access their most stylish selves and homes without spending a bundle.

I have been all about drugstore makeup on past MomTV broadcasts. And I’m still a total CVS-Walgreens-RiteAid beauty aisle girl. But recently I learned that a few key investments in higher price point items can actually make a big difference.

330I purchased the Trish McEvoy Even Skin Treatment Foundation and Trish McEvoy Luminizer to achieve that elusive dewy, J.Lo face. Back in my single girl days I was a total Trish McEvoy devotee. I wore the perfume, had the planner makeup system, wore the bases, eyeshadows, the whole shebang. But in recent years I have stuck to much more affordable skincare and makeup items in the name of the family budget. But I gulped, threw down $115 for the two products (a lot of cash IMO, but all in the name of hot mamaness and bloggy research, right?).

I am surprised to say that I am deliriously happy with the results using my big time Trish McEvoy products. My made-up skin is really, geez-Louise, the best it has been in years.

I called my Trish McEvoy rep Christie Fleming after a week’s use of my pricey products and told her about the MomTV show and how I’d love to share her knowledge of which key products will make a discernible, whopping difference in moms’ hotness quotients and skin. Christie in turn taught me a ton about skincare and makeup, and offered these three BIG, BEAUTIFUL prizes for tonight’s show!

These are the biggest and best prizes we have ever offered on Real Life Style LIVE with Jessica McFadden on MomTV! I’m giving away tonight…

Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Tinted Moisturizer $75

Trish McEvoy Eau de Parfum 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk $72

Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara Jet Black $30

In addition to the prizing, on the show we will be talking about those select, big impact, last-a-long-time products that are worth spending $30 or more. Past MomTV shows have been about spending the least amount to look our best, and this one will be again about budget, but speaking to exactly where an investment in makeup or skincare will make a big diff.


To WIN one of the THREE beautiful prizes


All winners will be randomly drawn from those watching the live show.

Get into the pre-show spirit by leaving a comment here letting me know that you’re going to “be there” and name the product that YOU always shell out extra cash for to look your best!

I personally purchased my Trish McEvoy products, and Christie Fleming provided me with a sample-size product. After offering to feature her on my blog and MomTV broadcast, Christie gave me three thank you gift products. No compensation has been received by me or MomTV for featuring the Trish McEvoy line or makeup artist Christie Fleming on the show.