The start of the school year has always felt like the true start of the year to me, and never more since having children of school age.

However, back in January I fulfilled all the New Year’s resolution cliches. I started exercising more, getting eight hours of sleep a night, spending less empty time on e-mail and social media. The results were huge. In addition to improving my health…

I was way more productive with work!

Here are the easy changes that increased productivity for me. As you begin your own new (school) years, I hope they are helpful to you, too!


  • vicky

    Welcome to my world! I will have to do that first step but that is how I get through each day too! I started about a about ago and it makes life so much better and efficient with work and family. Good job with the gym too!!


  • Thrift Store Mama

    Rock on Mama Jess ! That’s awesome – I really need to hunker down and get organized with life again – 6 weeks into our CO move and I feel like every day I have to think again about the schedule, when to work, when to play, etc.

    Thanks for the tips and inspiration !


  • Zara Green

    I LOVE ME SOME YOU, Jessica McFadden! 🙂 You’re so smart and I’m so grateful to know you! Great tips too! xoxo


  • Christine @MomsNCharge

    This was a great video and great tips! I need to do better with not checking e-mail first thing in the am. I was doing that for a while and it worked so now I need to get back to it!