The Conair people sent me a loaner of the Curl Secret curling device, and for two weeks I had the chance to try it out.

The Skinny:

The Curl Secret gives you consistent, goof-proof, identical curls throughout your hair. Using the device is easy and will assist those who do not feel adept with a traditional curling iron, curling rod or hair curling appliances.


  • Can curl even hard-to-curl hair.
  • Great for people who feel all thumbs with curling irons and rods.
  • Different setting for different hair textures. It works on fine hair, coarse hair and every texture in between.
  • The appliance beeps when each curl is ready, minimizing heat damage to the hair.
  • The curls last a good while, and so less hair hold product is needed.
  • Easy to use, but directions must be read and followed.
  • Spiral curls are very consistent.
  • Can switch between “low” and “high” for looser, beachier curls and tighter, more glam curls.


  • Only works on 1/2 to 1 inch pieces of hair. You cannot create larger curls.
  • You cannot control the look of the curl. Spiral curls are the only option.
  • If you are fast on the draw with your curling iron or rod, you may find the process time consuming.
  • Subtle looks are tough to obtain. This device is all about glamorous curls.
  • The price – it is currently $155 on Amazon.

Check out my video review, which includes a how-to and also different looks that I achieved.

Disclosure: An Amazon affiliate link is used above. I received no compensation or product to keep for posting this review or vlog.