For my last MomTV broadcast, I featured gifts for women — the toughest group to gift, in my opinion. I was proud to feature some out-of-the-ordinary, awesome gifts and giveaways. Check out the video of the show, and also find links to and descriptions of the goods below.  Disclosure: I received some samples for review and also have utilized some affiliate links. All opinions are genuine and mine.

Gifts featured: 

Activewear & yoga togs from Figg (look for an upcoming FiggWear giveaway here on  A Parent in America!) 

I will be writing about — and giving away!  — items from my new favorite yoga wear and exercise togs line, Figg. The construction and fabric and style of these clothes are perfect for exercise, yoga, Pilates — there is no tugging, great support and they look so flattering on!


Natural beauty products from YesTo 

I am loving the natural CC cream from YesTo, it makes me look like I am not wearing makeup but simply have better skin! This product is great for errand-y weekdays, group exercise classes, hikes, mom life — anytime you want to go makeup free but not look like the crypt keeper. It’s also nice to wear beneath foundation and it contains SPF 18 sunscreen. The face brightening wipes and lip balm are also fab.


Gifts that give back to Kenyan artisans from Me to We  — look for an upcoming giveaway on A Parent in America!

Me to We products provide eco-friendly and socially conscious alternatives to the products we use in our day to day lives. Best of all, each product tells a story and leaves a lasting mark on the world. I love the Rafiki Friend Chains. Priced at just $10, those funds   equip a child for school for one year and they empower the Maasai mamas who make them. These women in Kenya are able to earn a fair wage to their children to school.


Comfy pillows that offer perfect spinal alignment from Proper Pillow  

I have TMJ and clench my jaw in my sleep, and I can only sleep on my side. So many pillows I have tried put pressure on my jaw. And many are not comfortable, too puffy, too flat, too prone to a sweaty head. The Proper Pillow has solved my probs and I love it. The pillow supports my neck and jaw perfectly, no more clenching or pressure, and it is constructed to stay cool all night.

“The Proper Pillow optimizes spinal and neck alignment. The patent pending inner orthotic pillow molds to fit each sleeper with ideal amount of support to properly align the neck, back and spine. No more waking up with a crick in the neck or constantly tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position.” — 51ZMTo9BShL._SL1500_

Stocking stuffer mom products from Smart Mom Solutions 

Smart Mom Solutions school note pads and envelopes make sending a note, permission slip or money to school with your child a breeze. They are designed to save you time, effort and help you stay connected with your children, school, caretakers, family and friends.


Handbags and organizational products from ThirtyOne consultant Jeannie Breitenbach 


Happy shopping!