My children have been learning a little Spanish here and there since they were babies. Family members, friends, Spanish classes and even their parents (who with many years of Spanish study should really speak the language better!) have cobbled together a growing grasp of the language. We have enjoyed listening to a new musical release by The Global Language Project, Coloreando. Coloreando (translation: we are coloring, or ripening…cute kids’ pun, right?) is a beautiful collection of traditional children’s songs by Marta Gomez and friends. It is a fun and effective way for families to reinforce and experience Spanish. The album comes with a 24-page song book with full English translations to assist on your Spanish language journey.

The best part: With your purchase you assist the Global Langauge Project provide free world language programs to under-served students.


Snake Oil is a hilarious new family game. In the Old West, sly snake oil salesmen had the special talent of getting even the most skeptical customer to buy the most dubious product. In  this new family-friendly board game, players pitch and sell their to their customers. It has a vibe similar to Apples to Apples or Balderdash, two McFadden family favorites. This is our current go-to birthday gift for friends too.


The people who make the My Spy Birdhouse sent my children a kit, and we are awaiting some feathered friends to claim this little love shack and lay some eggs. This birdhouse has a one-way mirror on the back side and you attach it to your window using suction cups. You put it up during late winter/early spring (right now is ideal), and by the time spring has sprung, a bird pair will have claimed it for their nest. My kids can’t wait to have a firsthand look into the life cycle of birds without disturbing them with our peeping.

What are your favorite new, cool things on the market for kids? I can’t give another Lego kit for a birthday party present! 

Disclosure: Review samples received; no monetary compensation. Amazon affiliate link used. All opinions? Mine. 

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