Motherhood and Growing

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How did we go from this…



to this?


How did I go from this…


to this?


After 10 years of this motherhood gig, it is easy to see that my family has grown.  So have my cars, my home, my grocery bills and my knowledge of things I never before knew existed, like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Fancy Nancy, Endermen and yogurt in a tube.

But I know that I have grown and matured beyond the mortgage and the minivan and the stretchmarks. I feel like the pre-kids me was like the Grinch, with a heart two sizes too small. I thought I was compassionate and kind before children, but looking back I see so much insecurity, selfishness and shallow pride. As my kids have grown, I have grown up right with them. I had to grow into the person I wanted Charlie, Eve and Alice to call their mother.

Supposedly my husband Chris and I are raising these children, but truthfully, I think they are raising me…raising me up to be a better person.


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