My kids love a good YouTube. From giggling at lipsyncing cats, the vintage silliness of Weird Al or the hilarious mom life parodies of My Life Suckers, supervised YouTube watching with the kids is a family pastime after the homework and sports practices are done.

Because watching entertaining streaming videos is so appealing to kids, it is also a great way to introduce them to important educational and safety concepts. We Are Teachers and its fire safety site, Sparky’s Schoolhouse.org, has produced two such engaging videos on fire safety. And they enlisted two of my kids’ ultimate artists, SteveSongs and Recess Monkey, to teach through song!

Little Rosalie by SteveSongs. With the help of Sparky the Fire Dog, SteveSongs helps kids stay fire safe by leading them through the four key steps for fire safety. There are even easy to follow dance steps and moves. 

What’s That Sound? By Recess Monkey. In this fire safety video Recess Monkey and friends take a rollicking ride aboard a flying smoke alarm to teach children and their families important fire-safety skills. 

Share the music videos and spread the fire-safety message to everyone you know!

Also, if you are a teacher or homeschooler, try out one of the lesson plans at Sparky’s Schoolhouse with your students or kids. 

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