I wear a lot of dresses in the summer, and I find that close-fitting, body conscious styles are one of the most flattering to my figure.

However, there is the line issue. You know what I am talking about. VPL, visible pantyline, granny panty proof, booty side angles, whatever you want to call it, it is not flattering.

The solutions formerly available to me were not appealing. Heavy, constraining shapewear eliminates the lines but is so hot and uncomfortable for everyday errands, work and events. I have never had much patience for thongs (however if you are one of those gals who insists they are so comfortable, well, yay for you.) Going “commando” weirds me out, and so I usually just wore laser cut underwear that did leave a line but what could I do?

Well, I am VPL free thanks to the brand new underwear from Jockey: Skimmies®. They are slipshorts that cover as well as a slip, but provide the comfort of boyshort underwear. They smooth while being super lightweight and breathable. They give no heat or heaviness beneath your summer dress but provide a little light control. Here is a pic of me wearing my Skimmies® beneath a bodycon dress — as you can see I got a little shy about the whole “belfie” thing but I had to show you my VPL-free back view. 


I will admit when I got my first look at Jockey Skimmies® I was reminded of the bike shorts the Fly Girls on In Living Color used to wear when they slammed on the stage between comedy skits. But once I pulled them on, they were the opposite of heavy shapewear and feel light as a feather. The length is easily adjustable depending on your skirt length.


Also, the Queen of mad, “maj” style, Rachel Zoe endorses these undies. The Zoe Report has collaborated with Jockey and names Skimmies® one of her Major Must Haves. Skimmies® are also being profiled in the upcoming August/September issue of Working Mother Magazine as a style essential.

Want to try ’em out for yourself? Here are few ways to win your own pair.

Through June 20, Jockey is challenging women to “Seize the Day in Skimmies®” through a series of challenges designed to help women push past their comfort zone and experience freedom and spontaneity thanks to Skimmies® slipshorts. Daily participants are winning free pairs of Skimmies® slipshorts and other great prizes. Every day there is a different prompt for us to win Skimmies®. Here is today’s: 

Expand your comfort zone in Skimmies® slipshorts and let your taste buds travel with today’s challenge. Share a pic or video of you eating a dish you’ve never tried before.

I know you have cool food pics in your Instagram stream, so all you have to do is regram your fav image that relates to this theme and tag it #SkimmiesPromo. Once you use the tag, the Jockey social media folks will send you a link to enter for your complimentary Skimmies®. The first 1000 entries receive a free pair of Skimmies® and a chance to win $5K. You can also enter at Jockey’s Facebook page

I am also excited to be hosting a giveaway for a lucky reader on this post! One lucky lady will win an assortment of Skimmies® products worth more than $50. Enter via the form below.

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Disclosure:I participated in this program on behalf of Jockey and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.