Three Kids – Four Devices – Oodles of Apps Out There

Which ones are best? Which ones are safe? Which ones are worth the space on our family devices?

Which ones are parent-recommended, and not simply the ones that paid the most money to be listed first in the app store directories?

Different kids, different app preferences and learning needs

My ten-year-old son, Charlie, uses apps on a Kindle Fire and iPod Touch that he owns but we his parents monitor. He has interests in coding and engineering, adores chess and has a weakness for tower defense (like Plants Vs. Zombies) and sandbox (like Minecraft) digital games.

Eve, my 8-year-old daughter, uses apps we have loaded and approved on our family iPad. She responds well to learning apps that help her quickly level up, and she enjoys, well, breeding-focused video games like Pet Shop Story and Dragonvale.

Three-year-old daughter Alice plays with apps on my and her dad’s iPhones and the family iPad. She likes to draw, create and interact with games that she finds exciting. She loves decorating cupcakes, pizzas, shaving pirates’ beards and she is more skilled with Temple Run than her almost forty-year-old mother.

Where can I find new, worthwhile, educational and engaging apps for the kids?

I do not want my kids decorating those same boring cupcakes, fighting those same gross zombies and running out of that same blasted temple every time they are allowed a little screen time.

I would like to keep the kids’ stimulated and learning, not simply killing time.

I am asked to review apps with frequency and I receive press releases about apps for kids. But what I am most hungry for are recommendations from fellow parents — real life moms who can give it to me straight as to which of the thousands of children’s apps are worth my family’s time, data space and money.

I just learned from The Mission List and The Motherhood about Moms With Apps. Moms with Apps is website database founded by two moms who wanted to make it easier for parents to find quality apps for kids.

Moms With Apps makes it easy to locate apps by your kids’ ages, learning needs, interests and your device type. You can also weed out apps which include ads, collect personal information or offer in-app purchasing.


Wide range of search criteria

The catalog of 885 apps (and growing) includes apps from 285 top quality app makers. Moms with Apps researches all of them to ensure that the apps have been designed for kids with the highest standards of quality and privacy.

The founders of Moms with Apps believe that just as nutrition labels help parents decide which snacks are healthy for kids, Moms With Apps provides parents with understandable information about apps for kids.

As a traveling family, I personally appreciate the ability to search for apps that do no require WiFi, as well as my children’s ages, education and entertainment goals. This way I can load up a few brand-new apps before a road or airplane trip, knowing that they will be able to be used en route by the kids.

New discoveries

My kids and I have been enjoying discovering new apps for their devices via the Moms with Apps easy-peasy search. We have found so many fabulous learning games that we have had to relegate some of our stale kids’ apps to (dun-dun-dunnnn) THE CLOUD.

Temple Run? You’ve been run off.

Cupcake Maker? You’re overbaked.

I’ll be back next month to share with you my and my kids’ new app finds and recommendations!

In the meantime, enjoy Moms with Apps yourself and discover safety, learning and ingenuity for your family.

This post was brought to you by Moms with Apps, The Mission List and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own. 

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