This school year instead of my beloved momAgenda Desktop I am trying out the myAgenda Desktop Day Planner. The two planners are utilized in exactly the same organizational fashion.

Each week receives seven large vertical columns for each day, and five large horizontal columns for you and your family members. I give myself the double-wide horizontal column so I can keep my daily work, parenting and personal obligations all in one place. Then each family member has his or her own smaller horizontal columns where I keep track of school, activities, appointments, parties and more. As I have started using more outside childcare, I have this summer been using one of those columns for our childcare providers to designate when I have childcare and what times our amazing help is on deck.



The myAgenda and momAgenda only differs in design. Now that I am attending more outside meetings in which I need to bring my agenda with me, I have opted not to choose a bright pink color with the words “mom” on it, as I PROUDLY chose in the past. In fact, when I was only working and parenting from home, having a bright color made it easy to find and I love any accessory with the word MOM. But I am trying on being pseudo professional this season, so I chose the myAgenda in metallic gunmetal. (It’s still pretty snazzy.)



These personal desktop agendas from momAgenda are invaluable in keeping my work, family, kid and volunteering commitments on track and organized. Without an easy, accessible system for managing five persons’ schedules and our overall family calendar, I have learned the hard way that balls get dropped, deadlines get missed, and chaos ensues.

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