Every year I give my children new Christmas-themed books at the beginning of Advent to celebrate the start of this magical, sacred time of the year. Sometimes these stories are sweet, often they are religious, some are pure Santa/cookies/secular seasonal fun and others are laugh-out-loud hilarious. We have built up a sizable collection of Christmas stories that the kids (and their parents!) look forward to unpacking from a big red box when we light the first Advent candle.

This year, I already know the book that I am giving Charlie, Eve and Alice: A Very Special Christmas Tree by Debra Buchanan. This brand new release tells a timeless story of a little tree with big aspirations for the location where she will shine with ornaments and lights.

I love the soft, gentle writing of A Very Special Christmas Tree: “Deep in the forest where the fairies dwell, a little pine tree grows among her lush and lofty neighbors…the little tree dreamed of her magnificent home for the holidays.”

The words flow like a Christmas bedtime story or a graceful children’s ballet. In fact, A Very Special Christmas Tree was written to be performed as a ballet during Christmastime! Author Debra Buchanan is an award-winning dance educator and director in Southern California who has brought her popular stage production to the page for children everywhere. The watercolor illustrations are equally calming and charming, painted by children’s book illustrator Nataly Savitskaya of Moscow, Russia.

The story’s themes of faith and spirituality are likewise soft and subtle but easy for children to understand. As other trees in the forest are chosen for glamorous, well-known locations in New York City, the little tree eagerly awaits her placement. After every other tree finds a glorious home for the holiday, the little tree is disappointed to find where she has been taken. She finds herself transported to a small home with modest conditions. But an angel informs the tree of her important purpose in a shelter that provides warmth, food, gifts and Christmas for those in need. The little tree discovers the true spirit of Christmas and that her greatest wish to be a significant tree has actually come true.

I highly recommend that you give A Very Special Christmas Tree to the children in your life this holiday season. This hardcover book is a gorgeous keepsake, as well as an extremely thoughtful yet reasonable gift at just $12.99.

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