helper_blinkingSuch a simple question from my husband …

“Hey, we are invited to a dinner next Thursday night. Can you get us a babysitter?”

… can equal twenty steps of searching and coordination for me, the domestic goddess and matriarch of our three kid family.

First I text the awesome young women who regularly babysit for us, but I text them one at a time. I patiently wait for each one to get back to me, ask her parents, check the field hockey and drama practice schedule, before I move on to the next gal if the first is not free.

Another scenario, this time me asking the question of my husband …

“I have a thing downtown next Wednesday at 6pm. Can you be sure to be home no later than 5  or should I call a sitter?

Again, this sets off a chain of coordination that inspires so much dread that unless the event is super important, I end up throwing in the towel and doing the evening dinner/activities routine per usual.

Can you feel me? Somehow, no matter if we are SAHMs, working moms a some hybrid of them both, this scheduling falls on us.

The founder of the new Little Helper app realized how complicated and unwieldy the process of booking a babysitter or assistance from helpful family members can be in this busy age. He also saw how lopsided the process was within in his own home. He realized his wife, the Chief Household Officer (CHO), was 100 percent in charge of locating and booking babysitting. The Little Helper app makes the process a group effort and streamlines the process so help can be booked in one easy step.

Little Helper is a closed network in which you invite members of your childcare squad — your spouse, the grandparents, your nanny, the neighborhood teens, the aunts and uncles, the woman in your neighborhood with a drop-in daycare. Then when you have a childcare need come up, e.g. that ubiquitous “dinner next week,” you post this need to your network and they all (or just the members you want to) receive an e-mail stating the need, the pay rate, the hours, and other details. These network members can then respond if they are free.


Little Helper also provides a source of information for your sitters about your children. You can list their allergies, schedule, and other tidbits. You can access via your computer or mobile device.

Little Helper becomes for you your database of those resources which you already know, all in one place and a way for you to communicate with them all. The goal of Little Helper is to help you build your village and get the support your family needs as efficiently as possible. I was a tester for this new innovation, which you can use but is still in beta, and I felt it was a great way to make life easier.

This is a sponsored post.