Cool Effect is a non-profit that makes it easy to help the world’s best greenhouse gas-reducing projects. Cool Effect’s team of climate scientists scours the globe to find great projects that have had a proven impact in reducing carbon emissions. From building clean stoves for families in Honduras and schools in Malawi, to reducing harmful nitrous oxide in Mississippi, to converting methane to energy in Colorado, Cool Effect finds the best carbon-busting projects around the globe so we can make a difference.


I was so energized by this innovative way to help the planet this Earth Day that I involved my three children in choosing projects that they wanted to fund. They used their own allowance to choose climate change projects that resonated with them personally. Just $4.12 – $13.18 can reduce 1 tonne of harmful gases from entering our atmosphere.


Charlie, Eve and Alice really got into choosing the projects they wanted to contribute to. Even five-year-old Alice was intrigued to learn about helping schools in Malawi install institutional cookstoves that use 75 percent less wood that the schools’ currently-used cook fires. It was exciting to see her understand how burning less branches in a country struggling with deforestation was important, as well as serving and feeding students just like herself.


Every contribution to a Cool Effect project makes a real difference, both globally and locally. Each project is verified by data and in the spirit of full transparency, you are welcome to see their detailed reports on CoolEffect.org. You can contribute to all of the projects collectively by contributing to the “Coollection.” Here you can support all of Cool Effect’s non-profit work and all-star team of carbon-cutting projects through a one-time or monthly donations. You can also gift a donation to Cool Effect to the environmentalist in your life.

Teaching my children the importance of doing whatever we can to help our planet is my reason for donating to Cool Effect as a family. This video from Cool Effect shares some other beautiful reasons.

I was asked to write about the great work Cool Effect is doing but I did not receive compensation for this post. All opinions are mine. 

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