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Heart of Haiti Gifts for the Stars in Your Life

I get to spend my days, my life, with truly the most wonderful people I have ever met: my children and my husband. Awakening to the chaos of their clanging …more

GIVEAWAY: Psychobaby Personalized Gifts, So Cool!

Check out this incredibly adorable tee by Psychobaby on my Alice…it is totally customized to proclaim her Alicesaurus Rex! This is her favorite top, and mine too, because it is …more

#Giving Tuesday Easy Way to Help: Shop With Shot@Life

As a Shot@Life Champion , I was proud to host at my home, with my fabulous co-host Amy Mascott of TeachMama, a Shot@Life awareness event. DC and Baltimore-area bloggers came …more

Giveaways, Early Holiday Gift Guide & Coupon Codes: For Those of You (Like Me) Who Start Shopping NOW

October 10, 2010 | in: giveaways, holiday gift guide, shopping

I’m not overly organized.  I just start my holiday shopping in September in order to spread out my purchases over a few months and therefore stay out of debt. Here’s …more