Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day to all women out there. And extra special love and prayers to all those hoping to be mothers now or again, and those that are missing their moms. This is a beautiful day, but also a tough one for so many. Whether you are filled with joy, sadness, fatigue or exasperation today, I wish you peace.

My own mom is the world’s kindest person. This is a fact that is disputed by no individual that has ever met her. She cares for and selflessly puts her daughters, father, grandchildren, brothers, co-workers and the students of her fourth grade class all ahead of herself. Her consideration of others is legendary, and one of my life’s goals is to be half as giving and loving as Sharon Lee House Slovak.

She is also whippet smart, has taught hundreds of children to read, can finish any crossword puzzle, is an American history buff and is subtly, yet uproariously, funny. She tolerated with humor 18 years of my insistence that I knew better than her on all topics, and 7 straight years of my hogging all the hot water for showers in the morning. And although it may have appeared I wasn’t listening, her advice and guidance have reigned supreme in how I have lived my life.

As a tribute to my mom, I would like to present her best quotes, in no particular order:

While shopping when I overnight gained 15 lbs. and 3 dress sizes due to puberty & a passion for guacamole:
“It doesn’t look bad on you, it’s just one of those outfits that looks better on the hanger.”

Her reaction to my and my sister’s choices and ideas when planning our weddings:
“Whatever you like, I like. That sounds wonderful.”

Her suggestion for a field trip whenever she’s in town:
“How about Mount Vernon?”

Upon sending a massive package of new clothes, books and toys for her grandchildren in honor of a major holiday like Arbor Day:
You are doing me the favor, I love shopping for the kids and it helps me feel connected. Thank you!”

When sending my husband and I out for a long-overdue date night whenever she is in town:
“Don’t argue. You’re going out and it is on me!”

Her bizarre good-bye to my sister and me as children whenever we were outside of her care:
“Don’t touch any strange animals!”
in her defense, there was a large rabies scare in our area of Southern California in the 80s, but we still found this hilarious

The three words embedded at least 4 times in every conversation I have had with my mom:
“I love you.”

Thank you Mom. Thank you for choosing the rewarding but modestly-paying career of teaching so that you could spend your evenings, summers and vacations with us. Thanks for raising us on a teacher’s salary while funneling every single dollar to giving us everything our hearts desired while doing without for yourself. Thank you for waiting to obtain your own Master’s in Education until after paying for my sister and myself to obtain our Bachelor’s degrees. Thank you for taking care of Grandpa in such a way that at age 91 he is able to live in the home he built for his wife and children and feel independent, yet secure that you, his daughter, will fulfill his every need. Thank you for every sacrifice you have made for your family.

Thanks for your amazing devotion to your grandchildren. Thanks for the hundreds of stories you read them, zillions of games you play and for your complete and utter enthusiasms for pirates, ninjas, ducks, baby dolls, princesses, mermaids, CareBears, Diego, Thomas and every one of his trainy friends. Those two little people adore you. Thanks for loving my husband and brother-in-law like the sons you never had. Thanks for flying out to visit my family several times a year and being the best “Gram” and Mom ever. We all love you.

I love you.

And don’t touch any strange animals!

Gram & kids

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