so hot
The girl on the right is smokin’ hot. The one on the left seems to have bad gas.

I learned so much this past weekend in Palm Springs from my younger, cooler and infinitely gorgeous sister Sarah. She’s an urban planner and environmentalist, has a Master’s from the University of Texas’s prestigious School of Architecture, parks her toned pert body in Austin with her equally divinely beautiful husband and spends weekends going backstage at ACL and on arty trips to Marfa. When shopping this weekend she found Paper Denim + Cloth jeans on sale in her tiny size and the dreamiest shoes at the outlets (that I totally copied, I just waited for her to find something and then mimicked her choice) and helped host her best friend’s wedding better than any cheeser headset-wielding wedding planner. Oh, and she fiercely loves my kids and is their favorite playmate in the world.

Every dorky suburban mom should have a sister and friend like Sarah Slovak Wu.

But here’s the swag my sister Sarah’s coolness provides for YOU, fair reader: The first 264 pages of the leaked fifth Twilight Saga, Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer, told from Edward’s (squeeeee) perspective! You can read instantly the firsthand account and turmoil of how Edward fell in love with Bella! Her smile, his smolders, her smell.

Read it here.

Had you already heard about this? I sure hadn’t, but like I said, I’m officially uncool. Come on, I’m 33 years old and publicly profess to love Twilight, Grey’s Anatomy, pink-covered chick lit and Celine Dion. I do The Shred. I DVR Oprah. I drive a minivan. If Rachael Ray says put EVOO in the Cheerios, I do it. I blog. I’m one Curves membership and Chicken Soup for the Stay At Home Mom’s Soul purchase away from total and utter clichédom.

Thank goodness I have my sister to cool me out and enable my Twilight luuurve.

Now go read about what Alice saw and Emmett thought and Rosalie hissed and how Jasper thirsted and how Edward, dear Mr. Darcy Edward, fell hopelessly in love with ME Bella.

Thanks Baby Sister, love you, mu-wah!

beautiful Sarah & kids