I learned through the ever-amazing Toddler Planet that HerBadMother and David are going “Around the World in 80 Days” via blog. Their goal? To get 80 mom bloggers around the world to write their 5 favorite things about being a mom.

In partnership with Global Voices Online, they’re “launching an experiment to see if [we can] get a global conversation going between moms who blog. We want to see if it’s possible to travel the world and make friends, virtually, solely on the Vernian voyage power of the momosphere. We want to see if we can pull together a global playdate in 80 clicks,” writes HBM.

HBM relates in this post of a time when another mother asked her the rhetorical question, “Don’t you just love being a mom?” But as she explains, though motherhood is life-meaning-bringing and deeply fulfilling, it’s also complicated and tough.

Especially on rainy Monday mornings like this one.

So in the interests of bringing to top of mind all the wonderfulness and joy of momming it up, here are my 5:

1) Unconditional love and mutual adoration have become a ho-hum, everyday, constant part of my life. I smother people with kisses and hugs and am smothered in return. While the kids are still little, saying “I love you” all day is never annoying or icky. I vividly remember single and childless years of loneliness and unrequited love. Now I am bamboozled for snuggles 24-7 and find myself screeching, “Get off me!” It’s pretty easy to get used to being adored.

2) Reading books and playing games and toys and imagining aren’t simply diversions, they’re job requirements. Much like the lovin’, reading and goofing off were what I craved for years amongst the stifling pace of career. Now I play with my kids so much that I sometimes want to skip out on the Lincoln Logs or Dr. Seuss and work.

3) Kids are living Walden Ponds of nature love. Growing up in the Southern California desert, the only wildlife I paid attention to were our golden retriever and the black widows lurking in the corners of the garage. But having inquisitive kids in the beautiful seasons of the DC area has taught me to spend as much time outdoors as possible, to walk everywhere we can, to be fascinated by the inhabitants of the creek and woods. The kids and I will spend 20 silent minutes watching a heron. We record all the birds that visit our backyard. I’ve posted photos on Twitter of albino squirrels. There’s even talk that they’re going to get me to camp this summer, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

4) The children’s energy and desires for discovery have transformed me from hermit to explorer. I used to be content to just stay home. Since becoming a mom to Charlie and Eve and deciding to parent them in a facetime-intensive fashion, I’ve become so energized about finding fun things to do outside the home that I, oh, started this freaking website! It’s even tough to call myself a stay-at-home-mom because now that the kids are five and three and don’t nap, we’re rarely home. The kids’ desires for new experiences and joy when we would find something completely new and exciting is how all this A Parent in Silver Spring business began.

5) Living a vocation means that there is worth and meaning and greatness in every task. Marriage and motherhood are my vocations. This is what I was created to do. A feeling of extreme gratitude for my husband and kids and that I get to live this life permeates everything in my world. It brings a peace I never thought possible. (OK, I’m not Mother Teresa. I freak out and get depressed and I don’t hum Ave Maria while I scrub little boy pee puddles from ’round the toilet…sometimes it’s old school hip hop.)

You have your own 5 too, I know you do!

If you don’t blog, then leave your five here – your words about what you love about momdom will totally make another mom’s day!

If you’re feeling it and have a blog, write your own post and then post the link over at HBM.
I’m also specifically tagging six other bloggers:

Tertia of So Close, because she’s one of the first bloggers I ever read faithfully and I think we should take this journey to South Africa.

Portia of Dissertation Mommy because she’s the blogger I’ve known the longest (we went to Cal together, Go Bears!), she’s literally a world traveler due to the amazing motherhood journey of international adoption, and it’d be cool to see her current state of Texas represent. However Portia, I know you’re CRAY busy, no pressure!

Cristie Ritz King of The Traveling Circus because though she’s new to blogging, her reflections and humor just scream book deal and she’s moved her circus of a family to the wilds of the New Jersey ‘burbs.

Kate Shatzkin of Charm City Moms because she’s pure punk rock and any world tour needs to include Baltimore.

Jean of Stimeyland because she’s the ultimate parent in Silver Spring to her three guys and she’s sharing her journey through autisim awareness and advocacy at Trusera, an incredible online destination.

Katie of The Happy Struggle because she’s my newest bloggy pal, a fellow mom to a Charlie and a daughter, and we have so many more things in faith-y and feist-y common. We’re also helping each other through the tough journey towards fitness at boot camp at 6 in the morning.

I think that Katie’s blog title, The Happy Struggle, perfectly sums up in three little words the whole point of this 5 things exercise, to revel in the happy parts of the struggle that is motherhood.

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