The Bump – the mama-site from the folks who gave us The Knot for weddings – is having a Mommy Blog Awards. And I’ve been nominated for Best Local Mommy Blog along with other bloggers who write sites all over the country about local resources and events. (I’m the only nominee from the DC area.)

Would you mind clicking over and voting for me? Stuff like this raises the profile of APISS and therefore I receive more information about awesome activities to share with our kids. The winner moves on to the Best Blog competition and then that winner wins $1000. It’s very unlikely that I would make it that far, but winning Best Local Blog would be such nice PR. (And those nice PR chicks? They take note of things like this and write emails offering tickets and toys and cool stuff for you guys, the readers.)

If I somehow did win the $1000, I would sink it all into a big party for us – something I’ve been wanting to do forever.

Anyways, you don’t have to give your email or any information to vote, can vote multiple times and voting ends Monday October 19.

Thanks friends!

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