I recently turned 35.  It was my harshest b-day to date.  I know there’s nothing you can do about it besides work to be healthy and happy but dude, it threw me into an official NOT YOUNG demographic.  But rather than waste precious time worrying about something I cannot change, on my birthday I instead wasted precious time reading all of the awesome wall posts I received on Facebook.  The return for having everyone from your past, present and online worlds wish you well and give you compliments was almost worth being that much closer to the Denny’s senior citizen special.

If you're not yet on Facebook, I recommend joining for the self-esteem boost. Way cheaper than therapy.

If you’re on Facebook, please add me as a friend so I can wish you a happy birthday and compliment you on the bounce of your hair, the pertness of your booty or whatever floats your boat.

And then there’s Twitter. It’s a place for online entities to communicate, brands and entrepreneurs to promo and shill, and for writers to drop those good one-liners they couldn’t work into a piece. It’s also the place where I save for posterity those funny moments from my mom life that no one thinks are as hilarious as me, but it’s Twitter. That’s kind of the point.

100% true. And for the first time, there was no happy face on this assignment when it was handed back.

I usually don’t write about my kids’ personal lives on this website very often because you come here for info. And I’m sure your own kids are even funnier. But if you’d like more mom blogger moments, come follow me on Twitter. And I’ll follow you. And we’ll either quip out into the ether or connect and be BFFs, who knows?

Just don’t be ticked if I don’t @ or RT very much or even log on for a few weeks because I have laundry or waxing or company coming for dinner or work. Or actual parenting of my kids. Crazy. And I don’t live Tweet blogger events because I just have too much fun talking to the people there in real life. But then I’m the type of person who turns off my cell if I both my kids are with me and I think texting at the table is uber rude, so what do I know?

What do you guys think?  Waste of time?  Great way to connect? Fun entertainment? Way to keep up with events?  Because you guys, my fellow parental units, are the ones I want to follow and friend.  You’re way cuter than Ashton.