this isn't me, but it's a credible body sportkist on Flickr via a Creative Commons License

I’m baaack on Wheaton Patch today making light of the fact that while I’m gaining weight like a sumo wrestler, and in between my six mini-meals a day, I’m planning an ambitious workout program this summer after baby arrives.

I’ll be on maternity leave, the older two kids will be out of school, so all I’ll have to do is nurse my baby and then work out all the time!  Right? I’ll be ripped and back in my tight white jeans in no time!

(Go ahead and crack yourself up. I”ll wait.)

So if you’d like a dose of super-sized humor and a legit time to compliment me on the increasing size of my booty, please come on over and leave a comment on my latest Mom of a Million Mistakes columnWeight, Please!

I’ve also listed my all-time favorite mom-friendly workout programs, including exercise classes where you bring your baby and Rachel Posell’s Form & Function Fitness morning bootcamp in Kensington (I used to hit this workout before my husband had left for work and the kids had woken up, and in 4 weeks I was running without stopping for miles, was way stronger, and had lost weight).

Additionally, the first Moms Talk Conversation on Wheaton Patch has launched today, and the Wheaton Moms Council is discussing the Montgomery County Public Schools Language Immersion programs. Do you like the program? Are you hoping to apply for your child? Share your experiences and opinions–we’re longing for your input here!