Beach and Frivolity

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Sorry my posting has been light these last two weeks, but I have been on a vacation with my family. After a hectic year, it has been heavenly to enjoy some periods of unplugged time with my children, husband and baby.

I’ve been playing Beach Blanket Bingo…

And fancying myself a mid-thirties Gidget as I boogie board with the kids.

I have used my downtime to research kid-friendly rap music offerings…

But find myself returning to good ol’ pop and ’80s nostalgia…

Sadly, and too soon, we’ll be coming home.

(Regular A Parent in Silver Spring daily posting will resume on Monday.)

Thanks to Jessica Shyba of Momma’s Gone City for the Bert & Ernie rap link, my sister Sarah for making me watch The New Gidget every day after school and my father Tom for buying me that Cinderella tape for my 1987 Christmas Walkman.

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