These are the small gifts, stocking stuffers and sweet deals I recommend and am gifting my own family and friends this Christmas!

Plan Toys Fruits and Veggies $1.50 per piece – It’s like a farmer’s market of sustainable, adorable kid play food!

Disney Princess Coloring Page Kit + Markers Gift Set  $1 – This kept Alice and her cousin Abbey entertained through cross-country flights, restaurant dinners, long car trips and it’s still going strong. BEST dollar I ever spent, I swear.

LEGO Minifigure Random Choice $5 – Finding out which LEGO guy or gal you received from Santa? That’s half the fun!

Mabel’s Labels Stocking Stuff Combos $5 each/$30 for 6 sets – Knock out all niece/nephew/godchild/bff’s kids’ gifts in one fell swoop! Even better: Moms will ADORE you for giving a gift that will not clutter their already-toy-clogged family rooms!

American Girl Crafts Cootie Catcher Kit $9 – Eve and her friends adore this set — it’s huge! — enough for several playdates or winter afternoons.

“Babycrat” or “Weepublican” Bibs at PsychoBaby $8 – Gloat or commiserate with the baby’s folks, and start your preferred party affiliation early.

Build-A-Bear Small Fry Collection Animals $10 – They’re like the baby sibling of the larger make-your-own stuffed animals, and just as well-made.

Klutz Cat’s Cradle Book & Game Kit $7 – Kick it old school with the cat’s cradle (do it *with* your kid and you’ll be opposite the dad in the song.)

Stupid Sock Creatures: Making Quirky, Lovable Figures from Cast-off Socks $6 – The name and cover of this cute book DO do the content justice. Who needs a fancy boutique-bought ugly doll when you can make your own from holey old soccer socks?

Ticket Stub Diary $10 – My kids already insist on keeping every last Nationals/Redskins/Disney World/Imagination Stage ticket. This keeps down the clutter in their rooms and turns every ticket stub into an instant (free!) souvenir.

Cute Cat Key Chain $3 – Adorbs for latchkey kids and crazy cat ladies/gentlemen alike.

Holiday Bike Star Ornaments $5 each/$15 for 3 – Turn this 3-pack from Uncommon Goods into 3 mini presents, or stick one on a bottle of wine for a hostess gift. (BTW, our friend Marco made some himself from leftover chain and sold them at our church Christmas bazaar for less. I bought his whole stock! A great project for the bike geeks, as well as a way to give a dude an ornament as a gift.)

Heat of Haiti by Macy’s Necklace $10 – This handcrafted gift looks gorgeous (it’s a the perfect subtle statement necklace size) and gives back: Artisans in Haiti receive 50% of the wholesale price.

New York City Map Napkin Pack $6 – For your friend who left her heart in NYC (or Paris or Rome). 20 count.

Metrokane Rabbit Wine Bottle Stoppers, Set of 4 $10 – Great gift for women, men and couples. (Although I am a fan of breaking up multi-packs into mini gifts, I think this set needs its complete packaging to avoid any inappropriate jokes or erroneous usage.)

202 Area Code Luggage Tag $5 – Better than an old piece of string to identify your suitcase on a conveyer belt full of twins.  Most major area codes available for that hometown cool factor.

Glass Terrarium/Hanging Candle Holder $7 – Great little treasure for friends with green thumbs or who have mad home decor style. A few of these hanging from a chandelier with lit votives inside looks incredible, and signals to guests that your party is super special.

Pier 1 Imports Christmas Ornaments $1-$6 – Whenever I browse for ornaments  the really cute ones seem to start at $20. Etsy, I liked you better in 2005!  But at Pier 1 I always find gift-worthy, whimsical, special ornaments in the one or two buck range.

The Body Deli Lip Gloss $8 – Luxurious and all-natural, you’ll wow your fashionista friends and family without breaking a ten spot.

Leave a comment with your favorite item on the list or your own recommended stocking stuffer!

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