The wickedly smart and funny Corinne Gracyalny has joined the A Parent in America/A Parent in Silver Spring staff to help me keep the websites up to date and contribute key coolness insights to us slightly-older parental units. I‘ve dubbed her column “Corinne Keeps Us Cool.”

Although Corinne may sometimes be found wearing less-than-sturdy shoes, she is serious about sturdiness in one aspect of her life: her iPhone! Read on for her recommendation and real-world review of the Otterbox Defender iPhone case.

Then leave a comment to win your very own new Otterbox case for the iPhone 5. In a happy coincidence, after Corinne wrote this piece I received a brand new one at the #ATTBloggerBrunch! I am happy to pass along to you, a lucky reader, for your own use OR your gifting to a family member this holiday (retail $25). 

Unbreakable! by Corinne Gracyalny

Everyone knows that kids —  especially young kids (like Jessica’s daughter Alice) — love to play with everything. Your keys, your makeup, your purse, but most of all, your phone. Since our phones are essential to our lives but irresistible to the kids, it’s important to keep our phones safe from little fingers.

Take it from someone who spends a lot of time with an 18 month year old: my iPhone’s life is always at stake.

Otterbox cases are by far the best in the world! They are fairly inexpensive (about $15 for iPhone 4/4s and $25 for iPhone 5), heavy duty and perfect for moms with young children, college students…anyone who leads a fast-paced and unpredictable life.

The case combines a hard plastic case that covers the phone, a cover for its sensitive glass screen and a thick rubber casing around the plastic. They come in vivid or classic colors, single- and two-toned. You can individualize your phone to your personality and easily recognize it. They are the best.

To win your own Otterbox Defender Case in Punk blue/green for the iPhone 5:

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