As a Shot@Life Champion , I was proud to host at my home, with my fabulous co-host Amy Mascott of TeachMama, a Shot@Life awareness event.

DC and Baltimore-area bloggers came over for food, fellowship and to learn how we can be part of the movement to decrease the 1.5 million child fatalities each year from vaccine-prevetable diseases.

Amy Mascott of TeachMama and me

We discussed the importance of global vaccines, organizing further events to raise funds for United Nations programs on the ground, and lobbying our Members of Congress to encourage them to expand access to vaccines globally.

(L-R) Jamie Whalen of Shot@Life and the United Nations Foundation, Lolli of Better in Bulk, Stephanie Stearns Dulli of A Belle Reve, Anastasia Dellacio of the United Nations Foundation and Dolci Gelati, Shot@Life Fellow Stacey Ferguson of Justice Fergie – Life IS the Party.

The bloggers in attendance and myself learned how one in five children worldwide lack access to the life-saving immunizations that keep children healthy. Parents in developing countries are wiling to walk for miles, for days, in order to obtain vaccinations for their children at the limited child vaccination locations.

(L-R) Anonymous blogging beauty,Shot@Life Fellow Elena Sonnino of CiaoMom and Just.Be.Enough, Safire of Waterfalling Up, Carabee of Land of Bean

As a mom of three young children in the American suburbs, without the means to write a big ol’ Bill and Melissa Gates check or the ability to pack up and travel as a relief worker, I often feel powerless to truly help others. But at the event we learned of a some very simple ways average Janes and Jones can make a big difference.

#GivingTuesday Makes a Difference

An easypeasy way to help the effort is by shopping at the Shot@Life store for small gifts and stocking stuffers. All the proceeds from the sales of these fun items go towards vaccinations for children, and their logo and messages help inform others of the movement, a win-win.

You can also make a donation to Shot@Life in a loved one’s name on this #GivingTuesday. The gift of health for a child is the greatest gift ever. Just $20 provides a child with her complete vaccinations for life!

And if you donate to Shot@Life you will receive a coupon code for 25% off your purchases at the Shot@Life Store. It’s all a big cycle of goodness for kids in need.


If  leading a grassroots movement to increase access to vaccines in developing countries is a cause that you too are passionate about, please apply to become a Shot@Life Champion. 100 supporters will be invited to attend the Shot@Life Champion Summit in DC February 10-12.

Shot@Life Fellow Fadra Nally of All Things Fadra and Charitable Influence

I am proud to be a supporter of the Shot@Life campaign, an effort by the United Nations Foundation to ensure that children in need of vaccines receive them, and that worldwide child vaccination efforts remain in place. Immunization saves 2.5 million children’s lives each year.

Check out this awesome video that TeachMama Amy produced from our event!

Visit for more information on how YOU can be part of the solution, too.

Hosting this event was a donation of love by myself and Amy Mascott of TeachMama.