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A Parent in America and A Parent in Silver Spring staff member Corinne Gracyalny always has such great style. Even when she comes over with her hair in a huge top knot and yoga pants, she looks fierce. I asked her to share her favorite stores and picks for us. The perimeters were “current and affordable.” Here’s what she recommends.

Hot Mama Picks by Corinne Gracyalny

Shopping for clothes after you have kids must be harder. When do you find the time? But have no fear! Check out my top 3 amazing, diverse and fun online stores for savvy style.

ZARA offers sophisticated, sexy, and classic clothing at an affordable price. Everyone from the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton (an expectant mom herself!), to young postgraduates like me wears these gorgeous clothes.

If you are shopping for a new coat, you cannot go wrong with the ZARA’s short coat with bell sleeves. This beautiful, military style coat is great with colored jeans and a cute blouse. Perfect for winter and will take you to spring.You can wear it anywhere, everywhere, and at $169 for top-quality construction, it’s a smart buy.

MADEWELL is also an amazing store. Although it maybe a little more expensive than Old Navy, the pieces are so well made and definitely worth the purchase. They carry the best denim pieces in colors and just regular old washes, but what some people don’t know is that they have some gorgeous dresses, too.

Colored jeans are everywhere on the runways. Denim is always in so have a little fun from the normal jean and go crazy. These maroon skinny jeans are perfect with a blouse or a denim shirt. Although $69.50-$78 is not cheap, when you pull them on you really see the difference between MADEWELL denim and discount stores.

My final suggestion for post baby shopping is definitely TOPSHOP. This UK-based store combines all the latest trends from classic to rock star to street. It’s a great way to put yourself out there through style and just have fun! They always have great finds and will carry you season to season.

The peplum dresses are totally in right now, can transition from day/night or work/evening and flatter the figure. This affordable peplum top is perfect for a holiday party or date night when paired with a skirt or pants already in your closet, and for less than $40 you are totally on-trend.

I hope you all find these stores as exciting and fun to shop in as I do. Clothes don’t have to crazy expensive or from 5th Avenue to be in style. Happy shopping!

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