Since signing on to help spread the word about the World Food Program (WFP), a red cup has become a powerful symbol to me.

The red cup symbolizes the health and hope provided by the daily nourishment students receive through the WFP’s school meals program.

The WFP uses these red cups to feed nutritious school meals to about 20 million school children in 75 countries.  The WFP has found that a guaranteed daily meal is the greatest incentive for families to send and keep kids in school.

Just 25 cents fills a red cup with wholesome, nutrient-packed porridge, rice or beans for a day, and it also contributes to a monthly food ration for girls to take home to their families (girl students are the most likely to be pulled out of school by family members.)

A red cup symbolizes how easy it is to help others at little cost.

Like you may feel right now, I am admittedly fatigued by all the charities’ big pushes for donations this time of year, whether monetary or goods. But when I learned how far my quarters, dimes, nickels, even pennies can go to feeding hungry children my own babies’ ages, this is all I had to do:

The WFP sent me one of the red cups used to feed those hungry students, and I simply dumped my family’s loose change in, Coinstar-ed it, and am sending the $27 we netted to the WFP program. This charitable donation was achieved without making a dent in my checking account or tightening our Christmas budget.

My oldest children, Charlie and Eve, got in the act by donating their own piggy bank change, as well as some of those ones and fives they had received from family members on birthdays.

We have replaced our family Mason jar for coins with a red cup, and it means so much. Every time we #fillthecup, we are truly filling the hungry bellies of school children.

A red cup symbolizes the power of social media.


I am also digitally passing the cup — a virtual collection plate of social media love — to some of the most passionate social good bloggers I know. I am asking these phenomenal women to #fillthecup with their valuable Tweets or Pins, posts or updates:

Leticia Barr of TechSavvyMama

Sandie Angulo Chen, Editor of The DC Moms and Teen Lit Rocks

Stacy Ferguson of Justice Fergie and founder of Blogalicious

Amy Mascott of TeachMama, who is co-hosting #blog4cause

Elena Sonnino of Live.Do.Grow and Just.Be.Enough

This passing of the symbolic red cup is in the hopes that they — and you! — will send an impactful Tweet or post to Facebook or Pin to Pinterest, and therefore more people can learn of this important program. Here’s a great one-pager of assets on the WFP #FilltheCup campaign that The Mission List has developed to make it so easy for us all to spread the word.

If you have a social media account or blog, I am also passing this cup to YOU.

If you too would like to fight hunger and #fillthecup, you can donate your own change or make a donation of any size to WFP USA.


I have partnered with The Mission List to help spread the word about this worthy program. All opinions are my own.

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