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About half of the parents I know look forward to the mellowness of summer. They enjoy the looser structure, the absence of homework battles, the fewer 7 a.m. sandwich making marathons, volunteer meetings and sports practices.

The other half of my friends dread the absence of their school time routines, what with the different day camps on different weeks, hectic swim meet schedules and hustling for child care to replace what school normally provides.

I myself vacillate between these two groups on an hourly basis. “I love summer!” I sing to myself as I arrive at the pool with my kids on a glorious morning.

Then come 2pm I am grumbling “I loathe summer” as all three of my children have lost their goggles, are in meltdown mode, are begging for an overpriced ice cream bar from the tinkly-music truck, and sweat is pouring down my back.

However there are a few items that always sweeten up the summer for me and help me keep my cool during those summer stress moments.

  • More date nights: During the warmer months, my husband and I love to hit the outdoor music venues. We book a sitter and have our most memorable date nights of the year listening to favorite bands beneath the stars
  • Adult swim: I love the last fifteen minutes of every hour at our local pool — the designated adult swim time. After busting my booty all summer as a swim team mom, cheering and driving my summer swimmers to meets and daily practices, I love the pure joy of swimming laps myself solo.
  • Ice cream: After burning calories swimming (and refereeing summer sibling squabbles), I enjoy some traditional summer treats.

I am trying to eat more healthfully and cut back my kids’ sugar intake, but who wants to deprive themselves or their children those traditional summertime ice cream moments? That’s why I am loving Blue Bunny’s Sweet Freedom line of ice cream and frozen treats. These desserts have no added sugar, are made with light ice cream, and provide a lighter, lower calorie summer option.

I also appreciate the smaller size of our family favorite, the Sweet Freedom Snack Size Vanilla Ice Cream Cones. At just 110 calories a piece (versus the 290 calories in the very similar-tasting cones carried by our neighborhood ice cream truck) both Weight Watchers-Points-counting Mom and my young kids are sweetly satisfied. We can blissfully skip the truck temptation and happily head home for a healthier choice.

Somehow when there’s an ice cream waiting, everyone finds their goggles faster.

It’s a summer win-win.


This post was sponsored by Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Ice Cream. I received review samples and compensation for my time and writing. All opinions are my own.