I am a huge fan of keeping all of my work, personal and kid appointments in a momAgenda planner. Until I began keeping track of all events in our family on a paper calendar in 2008, things fell through the cracks. Somehow only a paper agenda, rather than a digital one, truly keeps all five members of our family’s commitments on task. “Are you still coming?” texts from friends? No more! E-mails reminding me of conferences calls that have already begun? None. Kids’ appointments forgotten? Nada. Deadlines missed? Nope! Writing absolutely everything in my momAgenda saves me.

In the past I have purchased the momAgenda Desktop and momAgenda Mini Daily and the momAgenda Spiral. For 2014 I chose the mack Daddy of the momAgenda family, the momAgenda All-in-One Folio. It holds my monthly calendar, all the forms and paper I need to reference for my kids and work, all the contact info our family needs to function. It also comes with file folders, a pad of paper and a ritzy pen.

Check it out for yourself!

I am a member of the momAgenda Council of Media Moms. I receive product and compensation, however this post was completely voluntary.

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