Once you get to kid number three, your dress up bin is well stocked, if a little scruffy. My preschooler Alice lives in hand-me-down ballet recital costumes, pre-worn Halloween costumes of cats and princesses, and bizarre combinations such as Handy Mandy crossed with Scooby-Doo.

But what Alice really wanted was her very own, brand new, superduper girly fantasy costume. We found it at Just Pretend Kids in their extensive Tutu Collection. This online shopping site is preschooler paradise. Whatever your child’s favorite color or flower, butterfly or fairy obsession, you will find the most exquisite tutus, wings, wands and headpieces.

My vibrant girl is all about hot pink, so she flipped for the Tulip Collection. With a real leotard (that has never been worn by her big sister), expansive detailed wings, the most tulleytastic of tutus, a whimsical wand and a beautiful garland headpiece to top it all off, this entire set was Alice’s dream come true.


Just Pretend Kids also has animal costumes like I have not seen anywhere else. I do not make kids’ costumes – I buy them – so I have become pretty familiar with the standard costume fare offered on the usual suspect websites. I was impressed with how original and adorable were the animal and classic fairy tale costumes for babies through young elementary schoolers at Just Pretend Kids.

Save Just Pretend Kids for your next dress-up gift and remember this new site at Halloween!

Thanks to Just Pretend Kids for sending review product for Alice. No monetary compensation received. 

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