My children and I had the chance to review The Happys, innovative new toys from the makers of ZhuZhu Pets. Happys are toy puppies and kittens who playfully race around your floors, kind of like their guinea pig Zhu cousins. But The Happys are larger and very interactive. Each puppy or kitten comes with a special “treat” bone receptor that reinforces an original trick. They also interact with play sets, balls and other accessories for The Happys.

I love the cool factor — these puppies just came out! — and the price point of $18 is perfect for  a birthday present for your child to take to a party. We purchased them for our cousins who fell in love with the ones my children received for review and the cousins were overjoyed to receive.

Check out more (professionally produced) videos on The Happys site.

Thanks to The Happys and BSM Media for providing review product and compensation.  All opinions belong to me, Charlie, Eve and Alice. 

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