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I am so stoked to have found a product that allows all three of my kids to get themselves in the car and safely buckle up…


MyBuckleMate is making my busy mornings, hectic afternoons and just getting out of the driveway so much easier. This simple device solves an age-old problem: how to keep back-seat buckles from eluding little kids!

MyBuckleMate was invented by Megan Khaitan, a mom of three who understood exactly how hard back-seat buckles can be for little hands to reach and click into place. Buckle bases flop around, they fall into seat pockets and booster seats just complicate everything. MyBuckleMate keeps kids safe but allows them to be independent. It takes out the gymnastics and contortionist routines of parents having to climb over seats to secure their children.


MyBuckleMate keeps floppy back-seat buckles firmly propped up and easy to grasp and click into place – especially in tight spaces like between booster seats – so everyone can buckle up with one hand like they do in the driver’s seat. With MyBuckleMate on board, my kids can buckle up on their own one-handed with ease!

MyBuckleMate is family-owned, patent pending and made in the USA.

Get MyBuckleMate for your family cars — they only cost $13.99.

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