Our house does not have any medicine cabinets. None. When we moved in I embraced the modern mirrors above the sinks and the minimalist look of simple drawer storage.

What I really should have embraced was safety.

I will also confess that before learning about the importance of storing over-the-counter (OTC) medicines Up & Away, I was pretty lax about where our family medicines were stored. My husband and I do not take any prescription meds and our youngest is out of the getting-into-everything stage, so we had nothing to worry about, right?

So so so WRONG.

Sweet, cherry-candy-flavored children’s acetaminophen dropper bottles? You might find them on my bedside table after a night up with a feverish kid in our bed.

The aspirin/caffeine/acetaminophen tablets I take for iPhone headaches? A cutesy, easy-to-open pill case in my purse.

Eye drops for pollen-heavy mornings? Right in my makeup drawer next to the lipsticks my girls love to sample.

Iron supplements for my anemia? On the kitchen counter by the Keurig.

My daughter Eve’s organic eczema cream? In her bathroom drawer cozied right up to the tube of watermelon children’s toothpaste.

Check out the other places kids find dangerous OTC products in the home.


I was admittedly the poster parent of what not to do. And all it would take would be one moment of curiosity by my kids while I was in the shower or heading down to the curb for the mail and they could be in serious, possibly fatal, danger.

As an OTC Safety blogger, I am not a perfect example. But what I am is a mom who each month is taking easy measures to make our household as safe as possible. Each month I am sharing my journey with you. Last month my children and I together made a video about safe sunscreen usage. This month a video would have felt too much like one of those taped confessionals on The Real World re-runs, so I am blogging it for you instead. 


Every year, 60,000 children head to the ER because they ingested medicines and OTC products unsupervised. June is National Home Safety Month, and it is also the time when many of us start our summer vacations of visiting and hosting family and friends. This is the perfect time to case our joints and put all of our OTC products out of the way where children can not reach. Even seemingly-innocuous products can cause serious damage if used incorrectly by a summer-bored child!

If you must take daily medicines or topical products, it is hard to remember to take them if they are put up and away. However, it is essential for our kids’ safety to keep them constantly secured. Here are four easy tips to assist you in remembering to take your meds without leaving them on the counter.


Disclosure: I am proud to serve as an #OTCSafety blogger on behalf of OTCSafety.org. I am compensated for my original contributions and help spreading the word about families’ safe use of over-the-counter products.

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