As a fundraising chair for my children’s elementary school, I am always looking for low-effort, low cost ways parents can help schools. VolunteerSpot invited me to review Shoparoo, a new free app that turns pics of parents’ grocery receipts into school donations in a snap.

Parents simply snap smartphone pics of their receipts and the Shoparoo app converts the receipts into monetary donations for your designated school. That is it. You do not buy anything that you would not already be purchasing as part of your daily life. No wrapping paper to clutter your closet. No candy bars to clutter your bottom. No buying at all of any extra products.

It sounded too good to be true.

Here is how your daily receipts are converted into cash for your kid’s school: Companies pay Shoparoo turn the receipt data into market research reports. This is how the BoxTop and fundraising “scripts” programs at grocery stores earn money for schools, too.

Companies pay for information such as “Families with children in the home in the Washington, DC area are more than 20 percent more likely than the rest of the country to purchase non-generic breakfast cereal at a grocery store.”

Now before you get all huffy about your privacy, just know that the store’s loyalty cards are already tracking this info about you, so you may as well share it again to raise funds for the school. Besides, Shoparoo assures us that all research obtained is completely anonymous. The app was created by former teachers who found a way to turn this already-mined data into important funds for our schools.

Once you download the free app from the App Store or Google Play and select your school from the list, just take a picture of your shopping receipt and Shoparoo will make a donation to your school, every time! From big supermarkets to local mom-and-pops, convenience stores, clothing stores, or dollar stores, it doesn’t matter where you shop or what you buy: every receipt counts.

In order to receive a check from Shoparoo, a school must earn at least $50 (25,000 Roo Points). For those schools with under $50, the points will simply roll over into the upcoming year. Schools with 50 active supporters are earning around $1,000 a year


If you are the first Shoparoo user at your school, you will earn a fast $10 for your school by entering the BLOG40 code above when you download the app. Tell other parents at your school – first 20 participants to upload a receipt will earn $20 for the school.

Over 10,000 schools are already fundraising with Shoparoo and receiving checks every year. Let’s make sure our kids’ schools are accessing this “free money,” too!

This post was sponsored by Shoparoo and VolunteerSpot, however, I am truly a new Shoparoo user and will be introducing it to our school PTA.