When I was an elementary school girl in the 1980’s in a small town in Southern California, the ultimate playground insult amongst girls was “thinking you’re all hot.”

“Don’t think you’re all hot, because you’re not.”

“Look at her walking like that/wearing those shorts/raising her hand/smiling so big. She thinks she’s all hot.”

Even then, I knew that girls insulting other girls for feeling confident, pretty and happy was all kinds of wrong. Why cut someone down who is striving through her struggle? It was such a petty, pervasive attitude that could easily ruin their another’s simple goal of a day of happiness, a day without conflict and maybe even a day when she was free to feel a little pretty.

I still feel about 12 years old in many ways. Through all of the big goals of nurturing a marriage, raising three people, building a fruitful career, keeping healthy, working on my faith, I still want those elusive, simple feelings.

I want to feel happy. I want to know my relationships with others are solid. I want to be liked. I want to look nice.

I want to have a good day.

Childhood patterns and feelings run deep. Even as I work in and revel in the developments in social media, even as I profess to embrace feminism and increasing the positive self-image of women and girls, I still hesitate every single time I post an image that includes me.

Selfies? I post about 1 image of myself for every 10-15 of other people on my Instagram and Facebook streams. I usually do this when it is an essential part of my job as a first-person communicator. And every time I do I wince and wonder, “Will they think that I think I’m all hot?”

I am nearly 40 years old. That baggage needs to go.

Young women and girls who are just getting started do not need any of those “all hot” worries in their lives. What an utter waste of their time, energy and positivity. They should revel in loving themselves and presenting that love to the world.

Walgreens and Dove’s #BeautyIs campaign aims to build positive self-images and smiles when women look in the mirror. Please join me in sharing your own happy image of yourself on social media with the hashtag #BeautyIs. You just may win a Walgreens gift card! More importantly, you will be sharing your love and confidence with other women and girls.

I would love to see your pics, so please tag me @JessicaMcFadd too, so I can cheer for you.

Because I think you’re all hot. Really and truly.


This post was sponsored by Walgreen’s through a partnership with Global Influence. All thoughts are mine. 

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